Grain and Seed Cafe

Photo by Elise Holton

Set in a beautiful stone building that was once Jolly’s Grain Store, this cute cafe serves up big, delicious, inexpensive meals. Grab an outside table beside the lake.’     - Lonely Planet

Open 7 days a week from 9am until 4pm.

Phone: +64 3 445 1077   Email:

One response to “Grain and Seed Cafe

  • warmed to the stone «

    [...] here in vintage, it’s pretty chilly during the winter months. the only form of heat i have is a small electric heater that sits at my feet. i am grateful that the shop is built into the side of a hill to help the stone retain what little heat is produced. when i can’t take the cold much more, i sneak out front into the cafe, the grain and seed. [...]

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